Revolving tables

Revolving tables
Revolving tables are used to accumulate or distribute bulk or packed products.

Comprising a freestanding supporting structure, they are available with various drives depending on the size and weight of products.
They feature fixed or variable speed motors, normal or lowered table heights, swivel wheels with brakes or height-adjustable feet and various optional accessories are available depending on customer requirements and needs.


Typologies of revolving tables
» Concave, to contain the products of small dimensions
» With containment edge, to avoid the fail of the products, with possibility of openings for product loading
» With switch product, to ensure that the loading point of the table is not blocked by the product
» With separators to facilitate the sorting of products
» With conveyors belt (also inclined)
» With perforated top, ideal for cheese

Types of motors
» Motor with fixed speed of 5,8 rpm
» Speed gear motor with variable speed from 1 to 9 rpm
» With motor controlled by inverter for variable speed

Industries served
» Pharmaceutical
» Food
» Chemical
» Dairy - cheese
» Mineral-mining
» Ceramics
» Farming-livestock
Structural features
» Frame: made in stainless steel, painted mild steel, plane in stainless stee, teflon or white plastic food
» Adjustable height of plane
» Wheel with brakes
» Adjustable feet
» Containment edge 
» Switch product
» Washable according to the alimentary norms

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