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ETC bucket elevators-conveyors are designed and manufactured to optimise transportation of loose products of different consistencies (bulk products: granular, powder, sticky products, etc), ensuring that they will arrive in perfect condition.

Equipped with one or more loading / discharge stations, they provide horizontal, vertical and diagonal transportation.
Because of their special modular configuration, these elevators-conveyors can even be used in confined spaces, guaranteeing the transportation of large volumes/capacities in all situations.

The buckets are filled with the product while they are moving and then emptied by means of electro-pneumatic or fixed systems.
The elevator is driven by a gear motor immersed in oil, with torque limiting device connecting directly by means of a joint to the drive shaft located in the orizontal top part. 
Loading stations: depending on requirements, ETC bucklet elevators-conveyors are fitted with one or more loading stations. The product must be fed proportionately and evenly; (dosing units suitable for specific requirements can be supplied on request). Rubber strips or brushes prevent the product from spilling out of the loading stations.
Discharge stations: ETC bucket elevators-conveyors are normally supplied with a single discharge station ("fixed discharge"). On request by customers, several discharge stations can be installed with buckets which rotate 180° using special pivots and cams placed on the device ("electro-pneumatic intermediate discharge"). The openings throught which the product is discharged are usually fitted with a chute connecting them to silos, packaging machines or other systems.

Structural features
» Load-bearings structure made of accurately  press-forged, painted carbon steel and/or stainless steel sheeting
» The chains are made of galvanised carbon steel 
» Modular structure 
» Panel which can be removed/opened to check the system is working properly
» Galvanised, nickel-plated or stainless steel chains
» Equipped with manual or automatic bucket washing/drying systems
» AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel and/or teflon-coated buckets
» High-tech polimer buckets (ABS)
» Stainless steel wire mesh buckets
» Special loading systems
» Discharge came made of high-tech polymers (white or coloured) or aluminium are avaiable on ETC M series.

Advantages of our bucket elevators:
» High load capacity
» Safety and reliability
» Application flexibility
» Easy to install
» Easy to clean
» Low maintenance
» Reduced engaged spaces
Industries served
» Food
» Pharmaceutical
» Chemical
» Dairy-cheese
» Mineral -mining
» Ceramics
» Farming - livestock


  • Bucket elevator Cidiesse

    Bucket elevator Cidiesse

  • Detail of our bucket elevator for bulk products

    Detail of our bucket elevator for bulk products

  • Bucket elevators plant

    Bucket elevators plant

  • Detail of our bucket elevator for bulk products

    Detail of our bucket elevator for bulk products

  • ETC 234 in stainless steel

    ETC 234 in stainless steel